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  • Our Mission – A promise to provide the safest and most efficient transportation possible for our students
  • Our Vision – To fulfill our promise to our students in the following ways:
    • To lead by example, with Integrity, and Inspire Achievement
    • To provide the safest environment possible so students will excel in learning
    • To be fiscally responsible so Districts funds may be spent on the quality of student education
  • Our Values
    • How we treat each other – With Respect, Honoring the dignity of each and every person
    • How we act – With Integrity
    • That everyone matters – Ideas and opinions
    • Everyone contributes – To a Positive and Fun Environment
  • Transportation Data
    • Number of employees:  32
    • Number of vehicles:  3
    • Number of routes:  19
    • Average number of students transported daily:  3100 (SY19-20)
    • Number of students eligible to ride:  6,288 (SY19-20)
Contact Us
Mario Castillo

Dispatch Foreman

Juanita Ramirez


Al Francisco

Transportation Manager