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Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education

Educational Goals

Adams 14 has set high goals for our language learners:

  • Students will attain English language proficiency within six years following the language acquisition
    trajectory provided by the Colorado Department of Education.
  • Students will demonstrate mastery of subject matter that is equivalent to that of their never-EL peers.
  • Students who opt into Dual Language: Bilingual/Biliteracy instruction will maintain their native language.

Adams14 Policy

Our Mission

The Mission of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (CLDE) is to engage all families of English Language Learners while providing information and support to the community of the Adams 14 School District. 

  • Access to skills and opportunities to prepare them for success on a path of their choosing.
  • Experience of an equitable learning environment with a culture of excellence where students are happy & thrive.
  • Supportive partnerships throughout the community to fully engage all members of the community including role and responsibilities for everyone.
  • Safe, quality facilities & resources that can adapt to changes in the community & learning environment by developing a long-term district plan & planning process.

The CLDE Team at Adams 14 believes:

  • Being Bilingual and Biliterate is an asset.
  • Language Learners will be proficient in English and graduate as college and career ready.
  • Native language is a resource to support proficiency in a native language and in English.
  • Students on the pathway to their Seal of Biliteracy will have more opportunities in the future.
Dual Language Staff

Kelli Hardwick

CLDE Coach

Maria Monica Hurtado de Mendoza

CLDE Coach

Luz Rossi-Jones

CLDE Coordinator

English Learning Development & Second Language Development Staff

Andrea Callejon

CLDE Coach

Lea Ann Dunklee

CLDE Coach

Rachael Kummer

CLDE Coordinator

Elizabeth Westcott

CLDE Coach

CLDE Leadership

Carrie DeWaters

Director of Academics

Danielle Bird

CLDE Support Specialist

Contact Us

We will continue to solicit feedback from our community to improve the needs of our students. Please email with any questions, suggestions or concerns.