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Grants and Federal Programs


Grants at Adams County School District 14 fund specific targeted initiatives, provide support to specific populations of students, and assure all students are receiving a high-quality and excellent education. Grant funds can be found at every school across the district, as well as in every central office department. The Department of Federal Programs works alongside the Finance Department, along with the Budget Team. Together, Federal Programs and our Finance department work to strategically and compliantly build and manage a budget each year that best serves all students.

Grant Process

All grant proposals/applications must obtain internal approval before being submitted. Adams 14 grant application process is listed below:

  1. Applicant: identify grant you would like to apply for
  2. Applicant: submit online intent to apply form: Grant Interest form
  3. Adams 14’s Grant Review Team: Review and approve intent to apply form
  4. Applicant: complete grant proposal/application and submit to Adams 14 Grant Team members
  5. Adams 14’s Grant Review Team Review grant proposal/application and submit to funder

Internal approval is required for every grant application, whether submitted by an individual, school or department. Internal review and approval assures that applicants have the necessary information to complete the grant proposal/application, the proposal/application is aligned to district priorities, that competing proposals are not being submitted, and that the proposal is a strategic decision for Adams 14.

Davi Smart