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Graduation Requirements

The Board of Education supports student preparation for post-secondary education and careers, and strongly encourages students to participate in a rigorous academic core curriculum. For the full BOE policy on Graduation please refer to BOE Policy IKF.


Credit Requirements Adams 14 2021 Graduation Requirements Colorado Commission of Higher Education requirements for students wanting to attend a 4-year University in Colorado
Subject Credits Credits
English Communication Skills 4.00 4.00
Social Studies 3.00 3.00
Mathematics 3.00 4.00
Natural / Physical Science 3.00 3.00
Physical Education 1.00 1.00
Health 0.5 0.50
Personal Financial Literacy 0.5 0.50
Foreign / World Language 1.00 1.00
Academic Electives 2.00
Other Electives 5.00
Minimum Credits for Graduation 23.00


Menu of College and Career-Ready Demonstrations

On July 8, 2020, the Colorado State Board of Education voted in favor of providing school districts the flexibility to suspend the college and career demonstrations of readiness (Menu of College and Career-Ready Demonstrations).

Therefore, during the 2020-2021 school year, Adams 14 will replace the Menu of College and Career-Ready Demonstrations with meeting the 2020-2021 English and math requirements for graduation. Students are required to pass 3 credits of math and 4 credits of English. Full implementation of the state’s college and career ready graduation benchmarks for students are anticipated to continue for the 2021-22 school year.