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Facility Use


Most of the Adams County School District 14 facilities and fields are available for use by community groups. Schools are centrally located in most neighborhoods and are a logical focal point for community activities. We support and encourage community use with priority given to youth activities.

Community Facility Use

The Operations Department oversees all non-district use of school buildings and fields. Policy, established procedures, rules, and regulations define the types of uses that are permitted. A separate fee structure for user groups shall ensure that the district will spend its money directly on the education of youth while promoting community use of facilities.

Fees vary depending on the type of area used and the user category. Areas that may be rented include cafeterias, gyms, kitchens, auditoriums, classrooms, parking lots, and some fields. Call or email the Operations Department for questions regarding availability and whether a proposed use is permitted.

To submit a formal use request, mail or email a completed and signed ‘Contract for Community Use of School Facilities and Grounds’ to the Facility Use Department.

In most cases, before a request can be approved, the user will need to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000.00 in general liability limits. The certificate must also state that “Adams County School District 14, 5291 East 60th Avenue, Commerce City, CO. 80021” is an additional insured.

Upon contract approval, users will be sent an invoice that is due within 30 days of the invoice date.

Approval for use does not constitute district endorsement of any organization, the beliefs of the organization or group, the expression of any opinion regarding the nomination, retention, election, or defeat of any candidate, nor the expression of any opinion as to passage or defeat of any election issue.