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Adams County School District 14

September 8, 2022 | News

Adams 14 Response to Evidentiary Hearing Decision | Sept. 8, 2022

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Sept. 8, 2022, COMMERCE CITY, Colo. — The Adams County School District 14 (Adams 14) learned on Wednesday evening that the Denver District Court dismissed Adams 14’s Complaint for Judicial Review. Adams 14 is challenging the Colorado State Board of Education’s May 2022 order, which removed the district’s state accreditation and directed it to reorganize. 

On Wednesday, District Judge Shelley Gilman announced her decision finding that she does not have jurisdiction to hear Adams 14’s complaint. 

Adams 14 Superintendent Dr. Karla Loría said the ruling further harms our students and detracts from the district’s turnaround efforts. 

“The Court’s decision basically allows the State Board of Education to oversee all of Colorado’s public school districts related to the Accountability Act without any sort of check or balances. This order is contrary to other Colorado court decisions that have held that public school districts, like Adams 14, can seek judicial intervention from State Board action,” Loría said. “Regardless of the decision, we are committed to the education and wellbeing of our gifted students. Our efforts to ensure all students have opportunities upon graduation will continue with the same urgency and laser-like focus we have been providing prior to this ruling. Adams 14 will appeal this decision.” 

“This legal battle is a marathon; not a sprint,” said Adams 14 Chief Legal Counsel Joe Salazar. “We have prepared for a long-game battle, and we will appeal this decision through our judicial system.”