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ASCEND Leadership Academy

Adams 14 is proud to announce the ASCEND Leadership Academy– a semester-long learning series for aspiring assistant principals and instructional leaders.   Designed to compliment your university education, these interactive learning session will provide you with developmental opportunities associated with skills and mindsets for expanded leadership roles.

The program is comprised five professional learning sessions designed to enhance the comprehensive leadership skills of participants culminating in a presentation of learning to Adams 14 Cabinet members.

In Fall 2023, Adams 14 will launch Part II of the ASCEND Leadership Academy which will include advanced exploration and practice in these topics via job embedded professional development and release time activities.

Participants in the Adams 14 ASCEND Leadership Academy will develop knowledge, skills and strategies in the following areas:

  • Personal Leadership/Vision and Strategy
  • Instructional Leadership
  • Situational Leadership
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Communication


Each session will include community building, direct instruction or presentation by a content area expert, and a collaborative component. In addition, each session will provide participants with tools and strategies you can use in your daily work, as well as a brief assignment or reflection to bring to the following session.  Sessions will last between 60-90 minutes and take place monthly.

The final session will invite participants to demonstrate their learning through brief presentations of their leadership journey and aspirations in the district to the Adams 14 Cabinet.

ASCEND participants will engage in rich professional development facilitated by experienced educational leaders. Key program benefits include

Targeted skill development in the competencies relevant to school and district instructional leadership
Opportunities to network and build relationships with district leaders in preparation for future roles
A community of like-minded peers committed long-term development and bettering educational opportunity for the students of Adams 14
Recognition as an exceptional educator in the district and opportunities to represent Adams 14 publicly.
Relevant and aligned learning for future leaders.

ASCEND Leadership Acadmey is designed for first year and aspiring Assistant Principals. We will be selecting cohort participants who are passionate about developing skills and strategies to serve as competent instructional and system leaders in Adams 14.

Application Requirements
Serve as an early career Assistant Principal or aspiring Assistant Principal in Adams 14
Receive a recommendation from a campus or district leader in Adams 14 (building leader not required)
Submit a brief personal statement (5-7 sentences) articulating ‘why’ you want to participate in this cohort learning series and ‘how’ this cohort is in line with your professional goals along with a commitment to participate in all program activities.  Follow this link to submit your application before the January 13, 2023 deadline.  Please note, references may be completed after the application deadline.  Please have references sent to Nathan Boughton at



By joining the Adams 14 ASCEND Leadership Academy, participants will commit to:

  • Dedicating approximately 90 minutes a month to monthly professional learning sessions
  • Spending an additional 1-2 hours per month completing pre and post work connected to the monthly learning sessions.
  • Continuing to be effective in their classrooms and schools as a leader of students
  • Actively implementing new ideas from the cohort learning sessions into school context.
  • Foster a supportive cohort experience, actively contributing to a positive learning environment and modeling a willingness to grow.


January 30
Personal Leadership/Vision and Strategy
Learning Objectives – Participants will Reflect on personal leadership styles/approaches, along with the impact of their leadership school teams;
Begin crafting their own leadership vision and strategies to extend their leadership in the school context


March 13
Instructional Leadership
Learning Objectives – Engage in a deep dive on the four key resources form The Opportunity Myth that impact student achievement; Explore best practices for coaching teachers around the four key resources


April 24
Communicating & Engaging with Peers and Learning Objectives – Explore the concepts of stakeholder communication in the school context. Practice proactive and reactive communications in response to school-base scenarios, including providing feedback and difficult conversations


May 15
Situational Leadership 
Learning Objectives – Build knowledge and understanding about situations commonly encountered as a school leader. Practice developing plans and responding to challenging situations, including engaging in difficult conversations.

May 22
Presentation of Learning & Roundtable
Learning Objectives – Demonstrate their leadership and learning through a personal statement to district leadership. Engage with leaders and current principals via a Q+A to learn more about opportunities in the district and pathways to leadership