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Inclement Weather Information

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2022-2023 Inclement Weather

Adams 14 understands that the decision to close schools, delay school start times, or dismiss students early due to inclement weather has a significant impact on our families. Thus, the district takes careful consideration when making a determination regarding our inclement weather options and is committed to informing families as early as possible. Please note that beyond monitoring district communications, families are advised to stay informed about weather conditions, in the case that weather conditions unexpectedly change and families need to make childcare arrangements.

Notification Times
  • School closure: No later than 5 a.m. on the day of the school closure 
  • Delayed school start time: No later than 5 a.m.on the day of the delayed start 
  • Early student dismissal: Dependent on developing weather conditions that day
Notification Channels
  • Channel 22
  • District and school Facebook pages
  • District and school websites
  • ReachWell app
  • Infinite Campus email and autodialer
  • News media: Local television and radio stations

Inclement Weather Options

School Closure

If the district closes schools due to weather conditions, students will have a traditional snow day, with no in-person or remote learning. However, if weather conditions warrant schools to be closed for more than one day, schools will pivot to remote learning on the second day, and if necessary, any following days that schools may be closed due to weather conditions. 

School Closure: District Services

  • District and school offices: Closed
  • School bus transportation: No service
  • School meals: No service
Delayed Start

If the district delays school start times due to weather conditions, schools will typically begin two hours later than their regular start time. If a two-hour delayed start time is issued, school buses will pick up students or students will walk to school two hours later. It is important for families to stay informed about current weather conditions, in the case that the weather does not improve and the district must close schools instead. Morning preschool will be canceled if a delayed start is declared; a delayed start will not impact afternoon preschool.

Delayed Start: District Services

  • District and school offices: Open on a delayed schedule
  • School bus transportation: Service provided on a delayed pick-up schedule; service at dismissal time is not affected
  • School meals: Breakfast and lunch 
Early Dismissal

If the district dismisses students early due to an unexpected deterioration of weather conditions, schools will release students prior to the regular dismissal time. If an early dismissal is issued, students are not required to participate in remote learning for the remainder of the day. It is important that families stay informed about current weather conditions, in the case that the weather unexpectedly changes and schools dismiss early; families should ensure that they have childcare plans in place. Afternoon preschool will be canceled if an early dismissal is declared; an early dismissal will not impact morning preschool.

Early Dismissal: District Services

  • District and school offices: Open until early dismissal is issued 
  • School bus transportation: Service provided at early dismissal time; morning pick-up schedule is not affected 
  • School meals: Breakfast and lunch (lunch dependent on dismissal time)

Frequently Asked Questions


    • Safety of our students and staff
    • Temperature
    • Wind chill
    • Snow accumulation and/or ice conditions
    • Road conditions
  • If schools are closed, all school-related activities on the day of school closure will be canceled.

  • Beyond monitoring district communications, families are advised to be ready to make childcare arrangements, if needed.

  • Please contact your child’s school or the district at 303-853-3333 or