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Program Exit Criteria and Monitoring of Student Progress

Program Exit Criteria and Monitoring of Student Progress

Title III requires that school districts monitor for two years the progress made by redesignated ELs on content and achievement standards for two years. As of 2017-2018 Colorado has added two more years to the monitoring process. However, this is solely for documentation purposes.

Furthermore, a student is individually monitored in order to:

  • Determine if any barriers to academic success are related to English Language proficiency.
  • Ensure that students have not been prematurely exited before they are proficient in English, especially in the specific language domains of reading and writing.
  • Ascertain that the student is meaningfully participating in a standard instructional program comparable to their non-ELL peers.

When evaluating a student’s possible exit, the following personnel may meet:

  • General education and/or ELD teacher
  • Administration – Principal and/or Assistant Principal
  • ELD Teacher Lead
  • Special education provider (if student has an IEP)