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Safety and Security

Our Vision

Our priority is always first and foremost student safety and security.  We recognize that parents entrust us with their children on a daily basis and rest assured that it is not taken lightly.  Additionally, Adams 14 realizes that in order for our students to learn they must first feel safe as reflected in our School District Mission, Board Policy AD

AD – School District Mission

“Adams County School District 14 shall strive to provide a safe environment for all students and staff and meaningful opportunities and innovative educational programs for all students so that they reach their learning potential, including that they meet or exceed state and district content standards, through partnerships between home, school and the community.

The vision of the Adams 14 Board of Education is:

When the community, students and staff are involved, all students do learn and succeed.

The District has adopted the following mission statement:

Adams 14, in partnership with the community, will inspire, educate and empower every student to succeed in the 21st Century.

The objectives of the District are described in detail in the Adams 14 Strategic Plan. The plan is available for review at Adams 14 Educational Support Services.

To that end, our staff and students are trained annually with the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) which has been developed by the “i love u guys foundation” and adopted by first responders and many school districts around the country.  This enables unifying communication for directives with simple and efficient instructions that students and staff can easily follow.  

Every month staff and students put this SRP in practice with drills to familiarize themselves with the language and expectations in an emergency or crisis situation.  

We are also pleased to share that Adams 14 has been awarded the SAFER Grant. This will ultimately enable us to update radio systems and improve interoperability district wide to enhance our safety efforts. 

Ronnie Brickey

Director of Safety and Security